Life’s a Picnic

So, currently I am in my second and final management rotation. The BIG project that normally gets completed during your second management rotation is your theme day. This is when you combine all your skills you have developed and you plan, execute and evaluate a themed meal. I planned my theme day in about a weeks time. It was a lot to get done, but I would rather than then wait to the last minute. April 24th was the day!

My theme day was Springtime Picnic themed, so I decided to have BBQ Chicken, Garlic Bread, Pasta Salad and Apple Cobbler as my menu. Here is all I had to do:

  • Develop and standardize recipes (I had to make about 120 servings).
  • Determine ingredients I needed to purchase.
  • Ordered my food items from my food distributor.
  • Develop a production schedule (What needs to happen when).
  • Determine cost per meal and selling price for the meal.
  • Receive the food from the delivery truck.
  • Prepare the food.
  • Decorate the cafeteria.
  • Develop an meal evaluation tool.
  • Advertise the meal.
  • Serve the meal.
  • Make sure everything runs smoothly on the day of and make sure we don’t run out of food.

Overall it went very very well. It was a long day to say the least (I got there at 6 am!) I am so lucky that I have a great and helpful staff. The cafeteria cook helped me with my chicken.

All my chicken!

All my chicken!

The day before my theme day, I made my pasta salad, so all I needed to do with that was scoop it into little cups for service. The cobblers were really easy to put together, as was the garlic bread. My goal for this theme day was to put together a great meal, but also make it relatively easy and simple. I didn’t want anything super high stress or technical. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The day went smoothly except for one little hiccup…

My 2nd Degree Burn

My 2nd Degree Burn

I almost dropped a large sheet pan with two cobbler on it. Instead of letting the pan drop, I jerked the pan towards me and it slid onto the underside of my wrist. It hurt, but at least my cobblers weren’t ruined. The executive chef at the hospital assisted me in pouring some salt on my wrist. This helps draw out the moisture to prevent a blister from forming. I slide a glove over it to protect myself, but I ended up working the rest of the morning with only one arm. You do what you got to do though!

The cafeteria was very very busy during lunchtime, which is unusual for Glenwood. There is usually a steady stream of people, but there was an extra amount of people that day. It was awesome!

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After the day was over, lots of the cafeteria workers told me my theme day was one of the most well planned and smoothest theme days that had seen. I thought that was a huge compliment. They also loved my decorations!!

Overall, I thought it was a successful day, and now I get to spend my last two weeks writing up my evaluations about my theme day and doing whatever my preceptor needs. It’s all downhill from here!

XOXO, Danae

20 Days Until Graduation!


Happy Registered Dietitian Day!!

Yes, we do get our own holiday. Too bad we don’t have a day of work off for it.


Personally to celebrate, I will be at my internship (YAY!). The dietitians and managers at St. Francis are going out to lunch at this restaurant called Chef Eric Johnson & Co. in West Monroe. The head chef (Eric) actually used to be the chef of the kitchen at St. Francis and now runs his own catering/personal chef/restaurant business. Seems like he made a successful job change. When I get home for work, I’ll have my normal workout routine for Zumba and Fab Abs and then who knows after that.

In honor of National RD Day, I am going to give you 10 reasons why dietitians are relevant and an important piece in the healthcare puzzle. An RD…

  1. Can help teach you skills to lose and keep off weight.
  2. Works with the government  school system, public health organizations and other organizations to create wellness programs to promote healthy eating and physical fitness.
  3. Can work with food scientists to develop new and successful food products.
  4. Works with athletes or marathon runners to help them set achievable goals while assisting them on consuming a proper diet to improve their performance.
  5. Can assist individuals who have had surgery to their GI tract develop a proper eating plan based on your needs.
  6. With culinary skills can teach simple cooking techniques, how to read a recipe and find ways to make current recipes healthy.
  7. Can help people recovering from an eating disorder get on the right path.
  8. Can lead efforts to make sure grocery stores, schools and hospitals get healthy foods that can benefit the local economy.
  9. Can provide guidance to a new mother to make sure that her child intakes adequate vitamin D, fluoride  iron and B vitamins.
  10. Can lead a congregate meal program (like Meals on Wheels) to make sure elderly individuals who live at home are fed and receive adequate nutrition.

So, dietitians are pretty awesome people that can do a lot and help a lot of people. I am so excited to become one! 2 months and 4 days!

What my future patients will say to me...

What my future patients will say to me…

XOXO, Danae

Laissez les bons temps rouler

or “Let the Good Times Roll”

This phrase is a cajun saying often said around Mardi Gras time, which kicked off this weekend! It has been quite the eventful weekend so far.

First, Friday started off with my last day at the Dialysis center. I really enjoyed my time there and the dietitian I worked with was awesome! I learned a lot from her and am really sad I only go to spend 2 weeks there.

I also had to take a pre-RD exam. It was 100 questions modeled after sample RD exam questions. I did not have time to study for the exam due to competency stuff as well as school stuff. The test went well, but if I had studied, I felt like I would have known more. This test is not for a grade, for which I am thankful. I should get my psuedo-grade back soon!

Last night was the Krewe of Janus Mardi Gras Parade in Monroe-West Monroe. People were starting to camp out in the early afternoon with their campers and grills and RVs. There were a lot of rednecks. Kelly, Jon and I went to the parade at 6pm. We didn’t see any of the floats until about 7:45pm. Once the parade started, it was crazy. Beads were flying, kids were running into the street and yelling and music was blaring. The floats were really cool and all lit up. There were also local marching bands and dance teams. There were even some Confederate there shooting off their gun. Then the night ended with a robbery at Walmart with about 10 cop cars. We witnessed it all. The Monroe police were busy last night. Overall, we had a great time. I got over 40 strands of beads…and didn’t even have to flash anybody! haha Below are pictures…

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And today of course is Super Bowl Sunday!! We are making tons of food and our friends from Shreveport and Alexandria are coming over to watch it with us! My roommate Kelly and I love entertaining and are having too much from cooking and getting ready for all of our friends to come over! Should be a fun time trying to squeeze everyone in into our tiny apartment.

After the party, I am driving over to Shreveport to spend 4 days at LSU Medical Center. I am excited for the switch-up!

XOXO, Danae

6 days until Mardi Gras in NOLA!

P.S. Have you checked out my recipe on College Here’s the link –>

Also, changed my background. It isn’t the colors of Mardi Gras, but I though it looked New Orleans-ish.

One with Nature

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was around 85 degrees, few clouds and  a nice breeze. Even though I was feeling a little less than my normal self (I am feeling  a little under the weather), I decided to get out and enjoy the day!

Monroe is really trying to become more cutesy and have a more “developed” downtown area. Today was the opening of the Monroe River Walk. It it on the Monroe side of the Ouachita river right in downtown. It really is pretty. Every Saturday from now until beginning of December, there will be this river walk where vendors can come and sell their stuff. On this Saturday  there was music, food trucks, food vendors, crafts, and adult and kid beverages.  It was nice being able to take pictures, people watch and sample some wines and ciders all the way down the River Walk.

After the river walk, I drove over the river to West Monroe and explored Restoration Park. It is an “urban wetland” that all serves as a basin for excess runoff and flood water. It used to be a place to mine sand and gravel until people used it to illegally dump trash. After the City of West Monroe bought it in 1989, the transformed it until what it is now. I wore the wrong shoes and I wish it was  a little crisper outside, but other than that it was really pretty. Below are some pictures.

Happy Sunday! Starting my rotation at WIC tomorrow! I am going to miss Glenwood, but excited for this new experience!

XOXO, Danae

34 days until home!