Happy Mother’s Day!!


Yes, my mom is better than your mom.

Thanks mom for always loving me and supporting me. It is your encouragement that has gotten me through stressful times, and we both know I have had my fair share of those. Love you!! Can’t wait to see you in 4 days!

XOXO, Danae

Countdown to Graduation: 5 days (what?!)


Cinco de Mayo (AY-o, AY-o)

Happy Cinco de Mayo amigos and amigas!!!!

Yo quiero Taco Bell... y margaritas


Also, Happy 1 Year Anniversary to me of me graduating from college!!

Me walking across the stage a year ago today

Me walking across the stage a year ago today

Pretty soon I will be graduating from my internship. Ready for the real world!!!

XOXO, Danae

Countdown to Graduation: 12 days!

A Grown-Up St. Patrick’s Day Treat!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!! I am not even Irish, but I still support today by wearing green. I also don’t want people pinching me.

I thought in honor of both St. Patrick’s Day and National Nutrition Month, I would provide you all with a recipe for an alcoholic shamrock shake.

I don’t eat at McDonald’s often, but when I do…I go during March to get a Shamrock Shake!!!

And putting alcohol in it can make it even better!

I found this recipe on Pinterest and thought it looked really good. A fellow reader, Kirsty, suggested I talk about how to make certain recipes healthier during National Nutrition Month. So I have decided to make this recipe “healthier”. There really isn’t a whole lot to making it healthier, but even just one change can save you some calories.

Compliments of Pinterest.

Compliments of Pinterest.

A True Irishman’s Shamrock Shake!


  • 4 cups (2 pints) vanilla frozen Greek yogurt, like from Yoplait (original recipe asked for ice cream and 6 cups of it!)
  • 1/2 cup creme de menthe liqueur
  • 1/3 cup vodka
  • 1/3 cup Irish cream liqueur (Baileys)
  • 1/4 cup frozen spinach (got add in something healthy, right?!)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Whipped cream and a cherry, to garnish


  1. Add first six ingredients to blender and blend until everything is mixed. If it isn’t thick enough, you can either add more greek yogurt or add some ice cubes. 
  2. Divide mixture into two tall highball glasses (or normal ones if you don’t have highball glasses).
  3. Top with a swirl (2 tablespoons) of fat-free Reddi-Whip whipped cream and a cherry.
  4. Slap a (green) straw in that bad boy and enjoy (slowly…..there is quite a bit of alcohol in it).

Did you know?

  • By switching from full fledged vanilla ice cream, and modifying how much we used, you saved 340 calories per drink (780 calories using ice cream and 440 calories using Greek yogurt)
  • By adding spinach, we are adding iron, vitamin K, calcium and extra nutrients to counterbalance all the alcohol make us healthy.
  • Using the fat-free Reddi-Whip whipped cream, you are saving 20 calories and less sugar.


XOXO, Danae

P.S. Today also signifies 2 months left of my internship. The days are flying by…

Friday Favorites: It’s a CHRISTMAS HAUL!!!!

I know Christmas was a while ago, but thought I would do a Christmas Haul for another installment of Friday Favorites!

Hauls are done when you have gone on a huge shopping spree and what to show what you bought!! They are pretty popular on YouTube.

I won’t go over everything that I got, but I will show you some of my faves!!

1. Leopard Print Coat from my “D” grandparents. A little ridiculous for Louisiana, but I loved being able to wear it while it was cold in Chicago. Below is a picture of myself and Anna, Greg’s sister, wearing our leopard print coats. (Yes, we did go out in public wearing those)

Leopard Print Coat. Forever 21.

Leopard Print Coat. Forever 21.

2. Necklace with Black and White Diamonds from Greg. When Greg and I first met, he gave me a crown necklace. This Christmas, he upgraded me to this beautiful necklace! I love it. But just because I am not wearing the crown, doesn’t mean I am not still a princess.

Black and White Diamond Necklace. Unknown Retailer.

Black and White Diamond Necklace. Unknown Retailer.

3. Plush Simply Vera Pajama Set from Mom. My mom has a pair of these and I loved them. I was so surprised when she bought me a matching pair! They keep me warm and stylish!

Leopard Print Pajamas by Simply Vera. Kohl's.

Leopard Print Pajamas by Simply Vera. Kohl’s.

4. “Thank God for Girlfriends” (and Shoes) Travel Mug from Anna (Greg’s sister). Anna and I have become really close friends over the years. We share a love for coffee and shoes, so this mug encompasses our relationship. I love it!

Travel Coffee Mug. Unknown Retailer.

Travel Coffee Mug. Unknown Retailer.

5. Zebra Dress from the “D” Grandparents. I think you get the idea that I love animal print, especially leopard/cheetah and zebra. This dress is so sexy on. And it is a sweater-like material, so it can keep me warm. Plus, it looks rocker with the    leather jacket pictured below.

Zebra Dress. Forever 21.

Zebra Dress. Forever 21.

6. Sparkly Tweed Blazer & Faux Leather Jacket from “D” Grandparents. Blazers are awesome, and with all the presentations I do and how often I need to dress professionally, they always come in handy. I have the shimmery blazer for parties or fancy occasions, and I have the leather jacket in case I ever decide to join a motorcycle gang. 🙂

Tweedy Jacket (R) and Leather Jacket (L). Forever 21.

Tweedy Jacket (R) and Leather Jacket (L). Forever 21.

7. Cream Infinity Scarf & Leopard Print Scarf from my sister and Greg’s mom, respectively. What?! More leopard print? who would have thunk it! I guess I’m a little bit predictable. I love both of these scarfs. Probably one of my favorite type of accessories.

Shimmery Infinity Scarf and Leopard Print Scarf

Shimmery Infinity Scarf (Mizzou Bookstore) and Leopard Print Scarf (Charming Charlie)

8. Crown Royal T-Shirt from my brother. My brother has become quite the Goodwill shopper. So when it came to getting his family gifts, there was no other store he wanted to go to. As each of us (mom, dad, Paige and myself) opened our t-shirts, he gave us this elaborate story on how he picked which shirt to give us. I got this one because I went to a no-alcohol school, the colors on the shirt are my college colors, I am a princess and I like booze. haha I had a good time listening to all his stories.

Crown Royal tee. Goodwill (96 cents!)

Crown Royal tee. Goodwill (96 cents!)

9. Workout Gear from my mom and dad. I don’t mind going to the gym in “ugly” clothes, but, there is nothing wrong with being cute and coordinated while gettin’ your fitness on! I love this new outfit I can wear to Zumba or kickboxing. My favorite is the jacket…it is bright and it has thumbholes

Hot Pink and Grey workout wear. Old Navy.

Hot Pink and Grey workout wear. Old Navy.

10. LA Tech Half-zip Hoodie from “Z” Grandparents. Almost 6 months in and I still never had a piece of LA Tech apparel. I asked for the half zip hoodie for Christmas. It is very cozy and warm, and will be nice when I have to wear scrubs to work.

LA Tech Half Hoodie. LA Tech University Bookstore.

LA Tech Half Hoodie. LA Tech University Bookstore.

11. Cream fit-and-flare lace tank from my sister. In addition to the scarf, my sister also got me this cute lace tank! Perfect for wearing with jeans or under a blazer! She is so thoughtful.

Cream Lace Tank. Express.

Cream Lace Tank. Express.

12. Hand-knit grey gloves from my cousin/aunt. My cousin Austin drew my name for Christmas. In addition to a Starbucks giftcard and Target giftcard, my Aunt knitted me these grey fingerless gloves! She is the wizard of knitting, so I was excited to get this handmade gift.

Grey Fingerless gloves. From the Heart.

Grey Fingerless gloves. From the Heart.

What were some of your favorite gifts you got for Christmas? Any surprises??

XOXO, Danae

P.S. After New Years, I cut my hair off!! I needed a change, and isn’t that what a New Year for?

And a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! (Well, New Year’s Eve). What a crazy year it has been.

I have graduated from college


Graduation Day: 5-5-2012

I got accepted into a dietetic internship – the final step to becoming a real life dietitian

That's Me!!!

That’s Me!!!

Went to St. Louis for a Cardinals Game..and to see the 2011 World Series Trophy with my parents

My Dad and Me with the World Series Trophy!

My Dad and Me with the World Series Trophy!

I attended a family reunion in the Lake of the Ozarks, MO.

I moved to Louisiana.


I started graduate school.


My brother and myself at my new school!

I turned freakin’ 23 years old. When did I grow up so fast?

I wrote a research proposal that can eventually turn into a thesis!

Fresh off the printer!! Feels soo good!

Research Proposal Dominated!

My great aunt turned 90!! Got to see family from California that I haven’t seen in many years!

I started a blog (and have actually stuck with it!)

All About Me!

All About Me!

Thanks to my supportive family and friends for being there to be my support system and who love me unconditionally. Thanks to the readers of this blog and those that comment. It makes me feel good when I know people are reading my blog and like what I have to say. I have really had a great 2012, but 2013 is going to bring about so many awesome things (and by awesome things, I mean completing my 5 year journey to becoming a dietitian to ACTUALLY taking the test and becoming a legit dietitian). I am looking forward to all that 2013 will have to offer.

My new year’s resolution? I overall want to be a better person than I was the year before. I want to  stay true to myself, make wise decisions and be a brighter light in this world. I also am going to start reading daily devotionals in my Jesus Calling devo book by Sarah Young, given to me by my college roommate, Rachel.

Hope everyone has a great NYE. Stay safe, but party hard!!

XOXO, Danae

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Hallelujah! Christ is Born!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!! Hope it is safe holiday for everyone and you all are able to celebrate it surrounded by loved ones! I am looking forward to curling up on the couch in my pajamas with some hot coffee, coffee cake  and opening presents with my mom’s side of the family (which is pretty much just my family and my grandparents).

Yesterday we had our Christmas with my dad’s side of the family and opened up gifts with my cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents. It’s a good thing both sets of grandparents live in the same town..it makes the holidays just a little bit more simpler.

Enjoy Christmas!!

XOXO, Danae

I’ll be Home for Christmas

Welp, the year is coming to an end…literally, but not. Today, 12.21.12 was the supposed “end of the world” as predicted by the Mayans and their calendar. And as expected, the world did NOT end and I still had to go to work. Bummer…

But, good thing it didn’t end, because now I can go HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! After the start to this new quarter, I have been counting down the days until Christmas Break…especially after this week. Things have been crazy with school and work, so I am looking forward to some downtime with my family and friends! I fly out this Sunday afternoon and I will hit the ground running with family Christmases and holiday traveling.

Internship-wise, I have been rotating around with the dietitians. It is good to see how different dietitians work and I enjoy seeing a variety of patients. However, at this point, I am so excited to be on my own. After talking with my DI director, I managed to get my 2 weeks of floor supervision rather than the week that the dietitians originally gave me. Thank goodness.

Graduate school-wise, this financial management course is not how I thought it would be at all. Luckily, in college I took both financial accounting and food systems management, so this is not my first time around with this type of information. Everything is coming back to me, but slowly. My one frustration: my professor assigns homework but then how to do the problems is not discussed in the powerpoints nor in the book. I spent legit 3 DAYS working on  one problem. After several emails from me, and probably other classmates, the professor sent an email with instructions on how to do the problems. It then took me 20 minutes. If I had those instructions at the start, I would have saved so much time and frustration.  I can do the problems fine, just gimme a little guidance. Other then that, the class isn’t half bad.

I just hope that everyone has a safe and happy Christmas holiday. So many people have showed up at the hospital. I just hope they are all able to get discharged this weekend so they do not have to spend the holidays in a hospital– because that isn’t fun for anybody. Merry Christmas!

XOXO, Danae

P.S. My roommate, Kelly, wrote a  recipe article for College Lifestyles Magazine. Brownies in a Jar!! An easy and inexpensive gift for the bakers in your life, or someone who likes desserts!!

days until I’ll be home for Christmas {Break}!

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

With it being the middle of December, holiday festivities are in full swing!! The holidays are a crazy time, but hey….it comes with the territory. I even wake up to frost on my windshield. I thought it was NEVER going to get cold down here, but it gets pretty chilly. These are the Decembers that I am used to.

Chelsey, a fellow dietetic intern who lives and does her rotations in Shreveport was doing a one week rotation in Monroe at P&S and Eat to Lose, so she was our house-guest for the week. It was so nice to have someone else in the house. Plus, she is in my graduate class, so we were able to bounce ideas off of each other for our homework. She brought some excitement to our little apartment in the ghetto. It was nice having  a visitor. I just hope we didn’t bore her 🙂

Thursday night was the Northeast Louisiana Dietetic Association Christmas Party. NLDA treated us to a dinner at Long Horn Steak House. I went, along with my roommate Kelly and Chelsey. It was nice to see the dietitians from Glenwood. I always enjoy seeing them and finding out how things are going. Long Horn fed us good. They brought us bread, then we got two hot appetizers. I got  a salad with my meal. The salad was a meal in itself. it was huge! THEN the meal came. I got this tuscan chicken which was covered in tomatoes, mushrooms and artichokes. If it wasn’t so dark in the restaurant, I would have taken a picture of it. I also got a sweet potato on the side. DELISH! So delish I had to take half of it home to eat later. Nothing like two free meals!

Then last night, the St. Francis Nutrition Support team had their Christmas party. It was all the dietitians, their husbands/boyfriends along with the nutrition managers in the St. Francis kitchen. The party was in Simsboro, which is about 15 minutes past Ruston. On the way to Simsboro, my check engine light came on, so I had to make a pit stop at the Toyota dealership in Ruston. Quite an adventure. The house where the party was was out in the middle of nowhere, no joke. It was beautiful though. It was good to eat good food, get to know the dietitians more, and the men they are always talking about! One of the dietitians husbands even jumped in the pool for a Starbucks gift card and coffee mug. It was a hilarious end to the evening.


So, ABC Family always plays Christmas movies for the 25 days of Christmas. Elf was on the other day. It is one of my favorite Christmas movies. What is your favorite movie?? Let me know!

Hope everyone had a good week and is in the progress of having a good weekend. Only 10 days until Christmas!! Who has two thumbs and hasn’t started their holiday shopping….THIS GIRL!

XOXO, Danae

8 days until I’ll be home for Christmas {Break}!

Fall Community Rotation Part 3 of 3: Completed! (Next Stop Home!)

Well, not only is the third part of my community rotation completed, but  I have finished my second quarter of graduate school/internship!! It is crazy how fast time has flown by. It has been a hard quarter, so I have definitely earned a break!

My last week at the diabetes center was great. I love the atmosphere there– it is so laid back. I love the ability to follow up with patients and see how they are doing, yet I love it when I have some free time to sit with my co-workers and drink homemade hot cocoa. The people I worked with were so sweet and I am going to miss working with them. I would so the most interesting patient I had this week was I sat in on a lap-band surgery consultation for a girl who is just 10 days older than me! 10 DAYS! It is so sad when someone is 23 years old and they are that overweight that they need the lap band, when it actuality, with diet and exercise they could most likely lose the weight. But  I guess if you won’t put forth the effort to cut back, exercise and eat right it makes sense to take the easy way out? I don’t know if I 100% agree with that.

Because Monroe Airport is so small (Only three airlines fly into this airport and they probably have 5-10 flight in and out of there is a day), I have mucho connecting flights. You can only get to Monroe Airport via Houston Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and Atlanta Airport. I start my flight journey at 6 something in the AM, but I get into the Chi around 3:30. So and early start, but I get to spend the rest of the afternoon with my family and wine!  Below is  visualization.

Monroe–> Dallas/Ft. Worth –> Peoria –> Chicago

Gwen and Nate and myself (along with possibly some other guests) are going to Enoch’s Irish Pub tonight to celebrate a number of things like:

  1. My finishing hell previously known as Research Proposal
  2. Gwen has completed both of her management rotations
  3. Me going home.
  4. Completion of Gwen’s Management Theme Day
  5. Completion of Fall Quarter
  6. It’s the weekend!
  7. Good Final Evaluations

You get the point…there is a lot to celebrate!

I plan on having fun tonight, but I am very excited to hop on that plane tomorrow morning! I will try to at least write one entry while home.

I want to know what YOU love about Thanksgiving. Take my poll!!

And to my family that is reading this right now…I’m coming home!! Can’t wait to see you!!

XOXO, Danae

1 Day until Home!

Fall Community Rotation Part 2 of 3: Completed!

This past week was probably the easiest week I will ever having in my dietetic internship. I split my time between Eat to Lose, a private practice, and Louisiana Surgery Center at P & S Surgery in Monroe, which is a bariatric center. Both of these places had really lenient hours. The longest day I worked was probably 4 hours. It was amazing! I learned things, but I still had time to work on my research proposal, which is due this coming Friday and another assignment for my childhood obesity class. It was wonderful. I loved both dietitians I worked with. I think opening up your own business would be a lot of work and it takes a lot of man power and devotion, but I think I would like to open my own practice. I love the ability to work with people one on one and really follow them to monitor their progress. You can’t do that in a hospital: they are in one day and out the next.

Tomorrow I start at the St. Francis Diabetes and Nutrition Center. They specialized in diabetes outpatient counseling, but also do some bariatric and weight loss counseling/education. I am there for two week and then its off to Chicago for some much needed R&R. I haven’t been home since end of June…starting to miss it!

In other news, this weekend was LA Tech’s Homecoming! My roommate Gwen and I made the drive to Ruston and went to our first football game where LA Tech vs. University of Texas San Antonio. It was awesome. We got in for free, sat on the 40 yard line about 12 rows up. It was sunny and hot for a good portion of the game, but thankfully we had some fans.

FYI: Ms. Louisiana Tech (a pageant on campus) was there at the game. She is the 2nd Ms. Louisiana Tech who has also been named Ms. Louisiana. Look for her at the Miss American pageant this coming January!

This game had everything: parachuters,  band geeks, smoke machines, a cameo from Terry Bradshaw, drunks, frat boys, Gangnam style and arguing football players. Also, we won! 51-27. LA Tech is now 8 and 1. According to my brother, we will most likely be in a bowl game. That would be cool! Below are a few pictures:

Parachuters game in from the sky!

Football players getting ready to run onto the field!

This guy (from the other team) had crazy Troy Polamalu hair

Game time!

On Sunday, I forgot about daylight savings time and woke up for church an hour earlier than I planned. And before I realized I was up an hour earlier, I got ready and everything. So, I just laid and went back to sleep.

Then, on my way to throw out the trash in the dumpster, I threw my car keys into the dumpster. Luckily, my neighbor was walking past me and she held me by the legs as I am hanging in the trash can reaching for my keys. It was a great way to be introduced to my new neighbors. I am an idiot.

Have a great week everyone!

XOXO, Danae

13 Days Until Home!