Brain Mush

As a continuation from my last post….

The second half of the week (last Thursday through Saturday) was our internship RD exam prep course through Breeding and Associates. We met on campus for 8 hours the first two days and then about 6 1/2 hours the very last day pretty much reviewing all our nutrition courses from the past 5 years!! I definitely think a lot of us went brain dead, and would have much rather hung out and talked then listen to the information, but I did think it was very beneficial  I have a lot of information to review before the exam, which I take in a little under 3 months!

On Thursday, it rained. all day. Coincidentally, we had our internship picture day, which was supposed to be outside. Instead, we had to take it inside. The location of the picture was fine, but outside would have been better. It was also “freezing”, both outside and inside out classroom. I actually ended up bring my Snuggie the next two days, because it was cold. After our class on Thursday, our director had all of us over to her home for a crawfish boil! I got to touch a live crawfish, and then eventually got down and dirty with them. Even though it was cold outside, I think all of us really enjoyed time to relax and kick back. I think we have been very blessed that we all get along with each other (for the most part), and I don’t know if all dietetic interns can speak to that. The night ended with a bonfire and s’mores before everyone heading their separate directions. Kelly and I brought Chrystal and Grey home with us and they were our house guests through Saturday. We really enjoyed having house guests!

Me and my crawfish, Theodore Roosevelt.

Me and my crawfish, Theodore Roosevelt.

Trying crawfish with Kara and Kelly!

Trying crawfish with Kara and Kelly!

Friday was another day. We managed to get some sunshine and warmer temperatures compared to the day before. After the class was over, I was able to indulge in some great sushi at Rawz Sushi with Gwen, Nate and Derrick. After dinner, I came back home and watched Sister Wives with my favorite girls while we ate Funfetti Brownies, made by yours truly!!

Saturday was the last day of a VERY long week. I was bummed I had to miss my cardio kick-boxing class, but I guess cardio kick-boxing won’t help me pass the RD exam, so maybe it was beneficial that I was there. After class was over, Chrystal stayed with us an extra night. While Kelly was at work, Chrystal and I had a girls night!! We spent about an hour and a half in TJ Maxx perusing the aisles and exploring. We then made our way over to the mall, where we visited Kelly at work, and wandered in and out of stores, making a few purchases along the way. Before heading home, we grabbed some Chinese food to go from the food court and rushed home to watch…yup, more Sister Wives.

I felt like overall, it was a good week. Time is of the essence right now, so I really enjoyed just hanging out with some of my best friends and enjoying each other’s company  During this time, I was in-between internship rotations, so I didn’t have any competency stuff to worry about, I just had to worry about learning, which was sort of a breath of fresh air. I am enjoying being at Glenwood right now, but more about that later.

So in the end, I’m a couple under dollars shorter, yet an extra 22 hours smarter…I hope everything pays off in the end!

XOXO, Danae

Countdown to Graduation: 28 days! (wow….)


Hot for Teacher

This past Monday I taught a 100-level class at LA Tech on eating disorders and fad diets. The class contained 21 students, all from different grade levels as well as different majors.

I had the opportunity to teach this class because of a competency requirement. I had to complete a community education requirement, so this counted for that.

My zebralicious number I wore to teach my class.

My outfit I wore to teach.

I think everybody gets a little nervous when they are about to get up and talk to a group of people. I mean..public speaking is the number one fear in most people. I got a little bit nervous before hand, but I actually felt comfortable doing this presentation. I think my only complaint (at least from me) was that I talk fast. It is not even because I get nervous..I just talk fast. People may say its because I am from the north, where everything is fast paced, but I know I talk fast normally. However, this time around, I did a pretty good job. I feel like when I talk to a group of people I don’t know, I don’t get nervous, but when I talk to those I do know, I get nervous. It is like I don’t want them to think less of me after giving my talk. You would think I would be more nervous in front of people I didn’t know, because I would want them to have a good first impression of me. I don’t know…..maybe I’m backwards. I did get “talk fast” written on my evaluation form though….guess I just can’t shake it.

The talk discussed fad diets, like the Macrobiotic Diet, the Baby Food Diet, the Cabbage Diet, the raw food diet, the master  cleanse and much more!! I also had an activity that went along with this subject matter. Check out Everyday Diets for a huge compiled list of diets.

Weight in the eyes of an anorexic

Weight in the eyes of an anorexic

I then led into eating disorders, who is affected by them and described different eating disorders, like anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating. Signs were also talked about for each disorder. An activity where they had to spot signs of an eating disorder in three scenarios. I left the students with basic healthy weight management tips and guidelines for weight loss. Overall, I thought the class was successful and I really enjoyed the added experience.

I haven’t written of teaching as a career path, but I think it would be cool to teach college in the future. The possibilities for my career are endless.

XOXO, Danae

3 more days until the end of the quarter, then “Spring Break!”

Just another kick in the kidneys..

Wow!! I have been meaning to write this post since last Thursday, but I am just NOW getting the time to write it out. I have been keeping a list of things to write. I’ll be honest, it is a long list. But I will get through it as briefly and less boringly as possible.

This last Tuesday I started at Fresenius Medical Care Dialysis Center. I did not think I was going to hate dialysis (apart from the blood. I knew I was going to hate that), but I did not think I was going to like it has much as I do. Yes, Renal is very complex, but I love the RD that I am with and I love that she is always doing different things. She never does the same thing everyday. Because these patient are hooked up to machines 3 days a week for 4 hours a time, the RD needs to be creative with education and information. You can not just do handouts all the time. That gets annoying…and who needs all that paper!

I have been doing several things this week. The first thing is working on an event called Protein Day! High protein is important for those on dialysis. We encourage our patients to use the Isolate Whey Protein Powder to help increase protein intake. We made the patients different items that they can make with the protein power. We made two protein shakes: 1 with Almond Milk and the protein powder, and another one with raspberry sherbet, sugar-free Sprite and protein powder. We also made “ice cream sandwiches” which is Cool Whip mixed with protein powder, smushed between two graham crackers. The patients really enjoy these! I also put together goodie bags which include a scoopful of the protein powder, a high protein cookie, a Zone bar and a recipe card with three recipes. We executed our protein day today for the MWF patients, and on Thursday we will do it again for our TRS patients.

My second project has been putting together bulletin boards. I made a bulletin board related to a contest that is going on at the dialysis center, a bulletin board about heart disease and dialysis for a dialysis center in Columbia and a bulletin discussing New Years Resolutions for patients and employees.

Bulletin Board about Heart Disease

Bulletin Board about Heart Disease

My last project, which was my main 4 day project was a “Shop Smart” bulletin board for education patients on foods that they CAN have while being on a renal diet/dialysis. I spent 4-5 hours walking around Wal-Mart looking at food labels and finding new food ideas for patients. Then I put together a tri-fold post organized into different areas of the grocery store. I also looked at prices and levels of phosphorus, sodium and potassium. It was quite the event, but I was really pleased with how the poster turned out…and so was my preceptor.

Shop Smart Angle 1

Shop Smart Angle 1

Shop Smart Angle 2

Shop Smart Angle 2


Today I worked on putting together monthly educational materials and recipes for the next year.

XOXO, Danae

12 days until Mardi Gras in NOLA!

P.S. With 3 months and 19 days left of this internship (but I am not counting…), I am definitely looking forward to going back home. I saw this video the other day and it really made me miss the Chi.

I am not wishing away my internship, but I will be excited when I can graduate from this program and start working!

Does Someone Need a Hug??

Well, I have just finished my first week of floor supervision at St. Francis. I am so glad to be on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I like the dietitians that I work with, but I was ready to get into my own groove and not work with people over my shoulder. But they still have to sign of on my chart notes, but that I can handle. Just can’t wait until I get to be the one in charge, writing notes like no body’s business.

The hospital has been fairly busy, what with the huge flu/influenza A breakout. There are so many patients that are under precautions. I have to either where glove, a gown and gloves, a gown and face mask, or all of the above. In addition to the flu theme, this week’s theme is old people. You got it…old people.

I love old people. They have so much to tell and enjoy it when you stop and say hello. I had several patients that were over the age of 70 this week. Many of them were very friendly. I had this one old man who was so cute, I just wanted to hug him. He was just crackin’ jokes left and right. But I went from someone like him to this 97 year old woman who is essentially dying. She just lays in this bed all by herself. Her breathing is labored, she can barely talk and can’t hold her head up without shaking. It just breaks my heart. I know I can’t cure any of their diseases, but I try to be pleasant with them and make sure they have a great day.

I also had some other things going on during the week. I was asked to give a talk on healthy eating to the Pilot Club of the Twin Cities, a service oriented club that is run by women. They are most known for organizing the Taste of the Twin Cities and the Fleur de Lis, Miss Heart of Pilot and Miss Taste of the Twin Cities pageants. I talked to the 20 women about the importance of healthy eating and what to look for at the grocery store. I don’t mind public speaking, but it is when I can’t read the crowd that I get nervous. I even tried making a few jokes. They laughed, but they all looked so serious, I couldn’t tell if they liked me. But after my talk, they did give me a little gift, so it was much appreciated. It was good experience. After my talk, I stayed for the meeting. It was interesting to hear what they were planning, but when you get 20 southern women in a room, GIRLLLLL, they never stay on topic  everyone is talking over each other and they are loud. I am a woman, and I was starting to go crazy listening to everyone…

Last, on Saturday I drove over to Ruston to help with a grant project called Youth4Health, in hopes to correct childhood obesity and get families to eat more meals together. We had families come in to get weight, measured and nutritionally interviewed. I was in charge of measuring their height and then helped the younger kids fill out surveys, they were way to extensive for them in my option. Information covered included attitudes toward food, their self,  eating habits and environments and family medical history and family social issues. We also did a 24-hour recall with all the kids. I really loved working with the kids. I was amazed by how open the kids were with me. Some questions talked about how they felt their parents felt about them and how they feel about themselves and how others treat them.

So ready for this next week to be done and completed. All I have left is my final case study presentation and my final evaluation, then 3 day weekend (Thx MLK, Jr.)!! So ready.

XOXO, Danae

P.S. On Thursday, it will be 4 months until I am done with my internship! It will go by so fast!

And a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! (Well, New Year’s Eve). What a crazy year it has been.

I have graduated from college


Graduation Day: 5-5-2012

I got accepted into a dietetic internship – the final step to becoming a real life dietitian

That's Me!!!

That’s Me!!!

Went to St. Louis for a Cardinals Game..and to see the 2011 World Series Trophy with my parents

My Dad and Me with the World Series Trophy!

My Dad and Me with the World Series Trophy!

I attended a family reunion in the Lake of the Ozarks, MO.

I moved to Louisiana.


I started graduate school.


My brother and myself at my new school!

I turned freakin’ 23 years old. When did I grow up so fast?

I wrote a research proposal that can eventually turn into a thesis!

Fresh off the printer!! Feels soo good!

Research Proposal Dominated!

My great aunt turned 90!! Got to see family from California that I haven’t seen in many years!

I started a blog (and have actually stuck with it!)

All About Me!

All About Me!

Thanks to my supportive family and friends for being there to be my support system and who love me unconditionally. Thanks to the readers of this blog and those that comment. It makes me feel good when I know people are reading my blog and like what I have to say. I have really had a great 2012, but 2013 is going to bring about so many awesome things (and by awesome things, I mean completing my 5 year journey to becoming a dietitian to ACTUALLY taking the test and becoming a legit dietitian). I am looking forward to all that 2013 will have to offer.

My new year’s resolution? I overall want to be a better person than I was the year before. I want to  stay true to myself, make wise decisions and be a brighter light in this world. I also am going to start reading daily devotionals in my Jesus Calling devo book by Sarah Young, given to me by my college roommate, Rachel.

Hope everyone has a great NYE. Stay safe, but party hard!!

XOXO, Danae

A much needed update

So I may have forgotten I had a blog have been really busy getting stuff done. I have finished all my concept maps, completed two homework assignments for my graduate class, started work on my clinical case study and developed an educational material for the patients at Glenwood Hospital. Whew! It has been a crazy couple weeks since my birthday. The work doesn’t stop there however. I have the “wonderful” task of writing my review of literature for my research proposal. I am totally dreading it, but I know once I start diving in and writing, it will flow. Although 10 pages with 25 sources is a lot worry about. fingers crossed I get it done.

Also on the agenda is laundry, write a blog entry (checking one thing of my list as we speak. 1 point me) and work in the nursery at my church. It is my first time working at First Baptist. I am excited to get involved and play with little kiddos!!!

In internship news, I have been succeeding. I had my mid-point clinical evaluation with my preceptors and my DI director. Good News: I am still in the program!! I seem to be on the right track and have completed a good chunk of my competencies. My preceptor first gave my 6 of my own patients that I was in charge of. I assessed them, looked at their chart, talked with them, educated them (if needed) and followed up with them. It felt good. Today, I got three FLOORS! One of my preceptors told me that they only give people floors during their floor supervision. Safe to say I am well ahead of schedule.

Yesterday I got to see a PEG tube placement (a long-term feeding tube that feeds into the stomach). I have been trying to see one since I have started at Glenwood and I just happened to kind of stumble in on one. I was doing rounds in one of the ICUs and I saw a doctor and a few nurses setting up for a PEG tube placement. I went up and asked the nurse if I could watch and she was willing! They did the placement bedside. I got to not only watch it be done, but I got to watch the TV that showed the actual inside of this person’s gastrointestinal system. It was awesome to be able to see something be done that I have only learned about via textbook. I am surprised I didn’t vomit or pass out though. I was even MORE surprised that I was able to go downstairs and eat lunch immediately after watching the procedure. It is very sad that this individual had to get this procedure done, but I am thankful for the learning opportunity.

Something I have been thinking about over the past two weeks and maybe even challenged in a way, is that people in the hospital after some crazy stories and are in bad situations. There was a patient who was 14, pregnant and diagnosed with two STDS, a man who took one too many pills, individuals being put on hospice, deaths and people paralyzed my car accidents. People in the hospital are in some of the worst conditions they will ever be in. Some make the best of it and some are just plain grouchy. I have made it a challenge to pray for all the patients. I pray for them to get better and to know that even though some of them don’t have family come and visit them, that they are loved. It is tough working in a hospital, but I still feel called to be in this field.

XOXO, Danae

P.S. I know I owe you pics from my birthday weekend in NOLA. Soon…..I promise!

Thesis or Non-Thesis? That is the question.

So, after two full days of graduate school, I am pretty much really smart. Really.

Totally joking. But seriously I am.

Currently for this summer quarter, I am taking three graduate course: Methodology in Human Ecology Research, Applied Dietetics and an internship class, which basically prepares me for the actual rotation where I am out in the field.

So far the classes that I am taking sound really interesting and what I love about it is that I am strictly taking dietetic related classes. None of these dumb “Intro to Fine Arts” classes. We can just get down to business. No more dumb crap fluffy stuff.

But the question that is boggling my head right now is, when I complete my masters, am I going to go the thesis route or the non-thesis route?? For a while I was like “Heck no!!! There is no way I am writing a book! That is too much work” But our professor brought out like 15 examples of theses that are hardback covered and in the library. I was flipping through them and it actually made me feel a lot better about the possibility of writing a thesis paper. And the best part is that I have from now until May of 2018 to get my master’s done!!! Jack Pot! So, by the end of the fall quarter (November) I will have my whole research proposal written, which according to my professor, is the first three chapters of my thesis book!!! So maybe I just answered my own question. Time will tell though….

In other Louisiana news:

  1. It has thunder-stormed three days in a row!
  2. The hours of the food places to eat blow.
  3. My roommate and I went out for dinner of the weekend. Louisiana is not the best at Italian cuisine.
  4. Myself, my roommate Katelyn and fellow interns Grey and Kelly went to Aqua-Zumba this morning. (It is exactly how it sounds)

Dramatization of my friends and I doing Aqua Zumba.

So, that’s what is going on right now. Ill blog in a few days!

XOXO, Danae