For More Nutrition Information…

I thought I would put together this page with a couple of great nutrition resources and websites that have truthful and accurate nutrition information.


Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – As a (future) dietitian, this is our “parenting” organization. They of course have accurate information and great resources for the public!

Choose My Plate – As you may or may not know, the pyramid has been exchanged with MyPlate, which is a more visual way of showing the public how they should be eating. There are great healthy eating tips, plus information about the different food groups (fruit, vegetables, protein, grains and dairy).

United States Department of Agriculture – This website not only gives you nutrition information, but it also gives you information on safe storage and posts articles about food recalls, food labeling and food assistance ship programs.

Count your calories

Calorie King – A fast and easy way to get basic nutrition facts for foods. It also has lots of fast food options, so you can calculate what you are going to eat (or what you already ate). Check out my blog post where I give you some good ideas of what to eat. Plus, I am almost positive you can download the Calorie King app on your iPhone.

USDA Super Tracker – This is great because you can not only get a breakdown (macronutrients and micronutrients) of what you eat by food item and by meal, but if you create a free account, it will keep a log of what you eat during the week and your physical activity. It also keeps track of how many servings of fruits, dairy, protein etc, you have consumed and compares it to what your recommended intake should be. I use this one quite often.

Apps for your iPhone or Android

Fooducate (Free) – You can create an account using either your Facebook account or just an email address. Then, you can scan barcodes of foods at the grocery store, browse for different food items, create a shopping list or monitor your health goals (calories in-taken and calories burned). For food items, the app can tell you positives and negatives about the food, like if it has natural flavors or MSG etc. They also have apps for the iPhone relating to Diabetes and Allergies/Gluten-Free.

NutritionTips (Free) – A great little app that tells your tips you need to know about food items, like when you should throw away different food items and how long eggs last before they go bad and what the leanest cuts of beef are.

iFitness ($1.99) – Gives you over 200 ideas for exercises to target various muscle groups.  It also has about 100 instructional videos for your viewing pleasure. Also, you can create custom gym “routines” and it creates graphs to better help you monitoring how close you are to reaching your goal.

Restaurant Nutrition (Free) – This app helps you find healthier meal options when at restaurants. Also, check out this blog post.

My Fitness Pal (Free) – You have probably heard of this one. This is a free and easy app to input what you eat and what exercise you do.

Happy Learning!

XOXO, Danae


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