Happy Registered Dietitian Day!!

Yes, we do get our own holiday. Too bad we don’t have a day of work off for it.


Personally to celebrate, I will be at my internship (YAY!). The dietitians and managers at St. Francis are going out to lunch at this restaurant called Chef Eric Johnson & Co. in West Monroe. The head chef (Eric) actually used to be the chef of the kitchen at St. Francis and now runs his own catering/personal chef/restaurant business. Seems like he made a successful job change. When I get home for work, I’ll have my normal workout routine for Zumba and Fab Abs and then who knows after that.

In honor of National RD Day, I am going to give you 10 reasons why dietitians are relevant and an important piece in the healthcare puzzle. An RD…

  1. Can help teach you skills to lose and keep off weight.
  2. Works with the government  school system, public health organizations and other organizations to create wellness programs to promote healthy eating and physical fitness.
  3. Can work with food scientists to develop new and successful food products.
  4. Works with athletes or marathon runners to help them set achievable goals while assisting them on consuming a proper diet to improve their performance.
  5. Can assist individuals who have had surgery to their GI tract develop a proper eating plan based on your needs.
  6. With culinary skills can teach simple cooking techniques, how to read a recipe and find ways to make current recipes healthy.
  7. Can help people recovering from an eating disorder get on the right path.
  8. Can lead efforts to make sure grocery stores, schools and hospitals get healthy foods that can benefit the local economy.
  9. Can provide guidance to a new mother to make sure that her child intakes adequate vitamin D, fluoride  iron and B vitamins.
  10. Can lead a congregate meal program (like Meals on Wheels) to make sure elderly individuals who live at home are fed and receive adequate nutrition.

So, dietitians are pretty awesome people that can do a lot and help a lot of people. I am so excited to become one! 2 months and 4 days!

What my future patients will say to me...

What my future patients will say to me…

XOXO, Danae


4 responses

  1. Hi Danae!
    I am so happy that I discovered your blog and am glad to hear that you are doing well. Your work as a soon-to-be-dietician is so meaningful. Recently, I’ve been trying to change my eating habits into healthier ways so I will definitely pay close attention to your insightful posts. Happy writing! 🙂

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