Have I become a ‘Yoga Granola’?

Am I starting to become one of those mantra saying, yoga mat carrying, barefoot holistic people? (not that there is anything wrong with that…)

Recently I have been attending a yoga class that is offered at my gym. Even though I consider myself to be more flexible than the average person, the first few times I felt like I was slackin’ a little. However, it has gotten better. I am even learning the terms, like child’s pose, downward dog, crow, easy pose and half moon and tree. What I learned from my instructor is that “every time you are on the mat is practice. The more you do it, they better you will become.” Yoga is all about listening to your body and not pushing it too far.

Yoga 1

Seated Cross Legged

Yoga is not competitive but individualized. I learned that you do not have to have the perfect pose, but do what your body can handle. I consider yoga to be a work out, but it is not about breaking a sweat or burning calories. It is a workout for your core and building strength in a calming and relaxed environment. It is very important to breathe while doing yoga (as with everything else in life), so focused breathing is emphasized.

yoga 2


I think yoga is going to become a part of my weekly workout routine.  This session is only 30 minutes so it is not like it is a huge chunk of time. The only thing is I can only go if my work schedule allows. Some days I might not get out in time. I am hoping to go as much as I can. Maybe yoga can bring balance and peace to my life. I am really going to need it over the next few months…

Namaste, Danae


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