Airlines: Screwing People Over Since Forever

Oh the woes of traveling by flight…

When it comes to flying home, I have been 9 for 9 (6 flights over Thanksgiving, 2 for traveling home for Christmas and 1 for working my way back to LA). I was almost 10 for 10, but United Airlines didn’t feel like giving me 100%.

I flew from Chicago to Houston with ease. When I got off the plane, I made sure that the flight to Monroe was on time…and it was. By the time I walked to the gate, the flight had been cancelled!! How can a plane break down in under 6 minutes??!!!

Credit to: CartoonStock

Credit to: CartoonStock

After talking with fellow flyers, arguing with the United ticket guy and calling my parents, it had come to the conclusion that the only way for me to get to Monroe the same day was to fly into Shreveport. The evening flight to Monroe was overbooked and the earliest they could get me into Monroe was 3 pm….THE NEXT DAY! Yeah…I am not using one of my three sick days because United Airlines can’t have a working plane.

The flight to Shreveport left at 3 pm, so I only had to wait in the Houston airport for 3 hours (Thank God for Starbucks and free WIFI). Thankfully, Jon (Kelly’s boyfriend, who was picking me up anyway at the Monroe Airport), graciously drove out to Shreveport to pick up stranded, little old me! We managed to make it home by 6 pm, giving me enough time to unpack, eat dinner, and enjoy what was left of my relaxing evening. I am just glad my luggage didn’t get lost.

I may be 9 for 10, flight-wise, but at least percentage-wise, I still get an A!

XOXO, Danae


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