We Need A Little Christmas

Well, I have just concluded my first week working at St. Francis Hospital. St. Francis has  a bigger nutrition support staff than at Glenwood (Glenwood has 3 dietitians, St. Francis has 7!) This is good for me in that I get to work with different dietitians and see how they do things. Each dietitian has a different process in how they do things.

The way that St. Francis dietitians screen and assess patients is very systematical and organized, which is totally up my alley. And while I love getting to know other dietitians and learning how they do things, part of me wants to be on my own. Even though I am at a new hospital, with it being my 2nd clinical rotation, I feel like I am in the groove and I know my way around a medical chart. This is nothing against them, but I can tell that they do a little bit more hand-holding then Glenwood. I do appreciate everything they help me with. 3 of the dietitians were in the internship last year, so they know my situation. They have been really good about helping me get competencies done. I have done some educations, I developed an educational material, I have my oncology concept map done and currently working on my multi-disease state one. On Sunday, we are getting a new charting system, so I have the honor of helping write some policies and procedures on the program. While I love working at the hospital…

We (or I) need a little Christmas.

It has been unusually warm here, according to the locals. Last weekend it was 80 degrees! Although it seems that the natives are actually wanting it to stay cooler. This is the only time they get to wear sweaters and scarves. I can understand that, I want to wear my sweaters too. I will definitely be wearing sweaters when I go home for Christmas, and then some.  Still looking forward to being home again!

Hope all is well.

XOXO, Danae

16 days until I’ll be home for Christmas {Break}!

P.S. All my blog posts during the month of December are going to be titled after Christmas songs.  I’ll try my best to have them correlate with blog content, but I may just throw one out from left field!


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