New Rotations. New Quarter. New Start.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I had a wonderful time at home seeing friends and family. Won’t boar you with the details but here is an overview of what went on.

1. Left Monroe 6:50 am and got to Chicago at 3:35 pm. My whole family + my brother’s girlfriend picked me up then went to eat at Toby Keith’s I ❤ This Bar & Grill for a (very) early dinner.

2. Shopped with my sister and mother.

3. Went to one of those eat and drink movie theaters with one of my best friends at saw Breaking Dawn Part 2.

4. Went to the Turkey Trot, a bar crawl in Chicago in honor of Black Wednesday. I went with my friend Greg and his co-worker Tyler. All you had to do was pay 20 bucks and you got beer, “Pilgrims Punch”, food and free trolley rides that took you to all of the bars. We managed to make it to all six. It was a good time.

5. Drove to Champaign and ate Thanksgiving at my grandma’s house.

6. Saw the movie Flight. Scary as s***, but still really good. (Note: If you hate flying, do NOT see this movie)

7. Went Black Friday Shopping.

8. Saw family from TX, CA, IL and WI in honor of my great-aunts 90th birthday! We had a party at an italian restaurant. It was a lot of family for such a small room (There were over 20 of us!)

9. Got sushi at my favorite spot, RA Sushi.

10. A woman behind me threw up on the plane on the way from Dallas to Monroe. It smelled.

It was a very good break, but looking forward to starting my new set of rotations. I start tomorrow at St. Francis for clinical rotations. Should be interesting getting to know a whole new, and larger facility.

XOXO, Danae

P.S. Fellow intern, Katelyn, wrote a recipe for Fruit Pizza for College Lifestyles Magazine! Check it out!

25 days until I’ll be home for Christmas {Break}!


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