Russians know how to dance (and drink vodka)

Nothing like an impromptu night out!

Nate got {free} tickets from a dietitian at his rotation to a Russian ballet performance here in Monroe. I never thought I would put Russian ballet and Monroe in the same sentence, but I did! Nate, Gwen and myself were able to go and witness this. I got dressed up and everything!

The Moscow Ballet was performing the Great Russian Nutcracker at the Jack Howard Theater in the Monroe Civic Center. The Louisiana Delta Ballet student dancers got to join the 40 professionals on stage. It is the 20th anniversary of this tour. There were little kids all the way up to probably middle school aged performing.

We walked into the civic center, which from the outside looks appealing, but the auditorium looked like an auditorium you would find in a high school -tacky orange seats and everything. We did get un upgrade though! Instead of sitting in the balcony, we got to sit on the main floor, center stage. Although it was not a packed theater  so we probably could have gotten an upgrade if we wanted to anyways…

The show reminded my of my first college roommate, Lyndsay, who was a ballerina for most of her life. I remember watching ballets with her in our dorm room. It was such a beautiful performance. Those dancers are soo talented and they could move their bodies in ways I couldn’t believe. I thought I was flexible, but these performers surpassed me. They made everything look so easy and graceful. I envy them.

The ballet was something different. I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

XOXO, Danae

2 Days Until Home!


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