I just couldn’t help myself…

I saw this on someone’s shirt today and I felt compelled to share it will you all today…

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” ~Oscar Wilde, writer & poet

This is a good quote to remember. I think a lot of people work so hard at trying to fit in with everybody else. I find it refreshing when people just act like themselves and they don’t worry about trying to be cool or always wonder how people are going to look at them. I used to hate it when I thought people did not like me. I would try so hard to impress them. Now, I still do not like it if people don’t like me, but I don’t obsess about it. I know I am going to run into people I do not mesh well with, but  I am happy being myself. People can take it or leave it. Go through life being yourself, not someone else.

That’s all! Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

XOXO, Danae

3 Days Until Home


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