Danae: 1. Research Proposal: 0

Well, I did it.

My research proposal that I have been working on since August is finally complete!!! All 58 pages of it. It was the best feeling to handover that stress inducing assignment over. 🙂 It was a highlight of my quarter.

Fresh off the printer!! Feels soo good!

Just so you can see how thick it is. A paper clip wouldn’t even hold it together.

Friday was a seminar class, so myself and all the other interns met up in Ruston for class. Our guest speaker was a dietitian, Shelly Marie Redmond, who is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of College Lifestyles Magazine. She talked about social media, marketing and writing articles and recipes appropriate for online and print magazines. I have the opportunity to write a recipe for their magazine, which is really exciting, so when something comes of that, I will be sure to inform you. I also found out my rotation schedule for the winter quarter. I will be finishing off my clinical rotations and floor supervision at St. Francis Medical Center, hopefully spending a week at the LSU Medical Center Burn Unit in Shreveport  and then EA Conway Hospital for some clinical and some management rotations. This will take me through February. Then its just three more months until I am home free!

We also had a CPR/First Aid certification class to take a part in. So, I am now certified to save a life.

In addition to the research proposal, I also had a last assignment and final in my Childhood Obesity class. I submitted my assignment on Friday and took my final on Saturday (oh the joys of online classes). So now, I am pretty much home free until I go home. Besides a two concept maps, my final evaluation and other internship-related competencies to complete, I am in a really good spot.

With some extra time to chill this weekend, my roommate Gwen and I made cupcakes AND cookies because we were craving frosting. I also worked in the nursery at my church again. I just loving working with the kids. They are so much fun and I have a really good time playing with them! Although today, we had five kids and out of no where, they all start crying at the same time. There was only myself and another worker there, so thankfully the nursery coordinator and another help came in to help. Thankfully we had a bubble machine, so they entertained them for a little.

Hope everyone has a great week! I am loving working at the diabetes center, but I am REALLY looking forward to some time in Chicago!!

XOXO, Danae

6 Days Until Home!


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