Diabetes & Presidents

Hey all. It’s Thursday. More specifically, “Cussing” Thursday, according to my co-workers. It is the day to let loose and say all the swear words. Say how you feel. Hold nothing back. No judging.

Well, I will thank you very much.

I just need to vent about the recent presidential election. (This is my personal opinion, it is not meant to offend anyone). I do not think the right person was put into office. I feel like the individual that was elected has done nothing but lied to the American people and the american population are blinded by his talk of change and hope. Well guess what, the economy has gotten worse, gas prices have gone up and employment rates are higher than ever. I thought change meant making a difference. I see no change and I have no hope. I was hoping to have a job after I get done with this internship and now I will be lucky if I do. And don’t even get me started on healthcare. As a working healthcare professional, I see individuals that come into places that I have worked who believe they are “entitled” to things (i.e. WIC and food stamps). I do not appreciate having my tax dollars spent on people who do not apply themselves, do not have  a job, have tons of kids and receive handouts. I feel like this country is going to go down hill and in 4 years, it will be really hard to turn it around. (Random Thought-  I will be 27 in 4 years. Soo old…..). As a Christian though, I know that God is in control of all of this and for some reason  this is in His plan, even though it is hard to understand. I have to trust in Him.So all in all, we are totally screwed and I think I will move to Canada. Whew….good to get that off my chest.

Anyways, I am finishing my first week at the outpatient diabetes and nutrition center. I have really enjoyed myself. I work with two dietitians and two nurses, all of which are certified diabetes educators (CDE). I hope to be one of these someday! I have my own nickname- “Mocha Latte” and I have my own make-shift office.

My very large corner office. You like?!

I have already gotten to do some educations. On my second day at the facility, I did a gestational diabetes education. I have found these to be the most dedicated clients and the best listening clients because there is a secondary party involved. They will do anything you tell them to do. It is refreshing. I really loved doing it and I figured out I love community. The setting is so relaxed and I love just talking with the clients as much as I love educating them on diabetes. I could sit and talk to them forever, I forget we have to talk about diabetes. I really enjoyed it. I then did another GD education yesterday. I am getting the hang of it.

Yesterday, I also taught a cardiac rehab class. It is a really laid back setting where I talked with individuals who have many types of heart issues, like hypertension, aortic aneurysms , coronary bypass surgery, stent placement, pacemakers  heart attack etc. I had four listeners and the topic was “Healthy Holiday Eating”. I discussed tips on how to stay healthy during the holidays and how to prevent unintentional weight gain,rise in blood pressure, cholesterol or blood glucose levels. The conversation went from that to talking about diabetes, reading labels and discussing the pathophysiology of diabetes. It was a good talk, and having my preceptor there allowed me to bounce ideas off of.

Then today, I just got done observed a speech therapist to fulfill one of my competencies. I have had to also observe an MD, a nurse, a occupational therapist, a physical therapist and case manager. Speech therapy was the last on my check list. It was interesting. The client was a child that was deaf and couldn’t read or really talk. Over the course of many sessions with the therapist, she was in the office today reading simple words, pronunciations and sounds. She was very hyperactive, but if she actually focuses, she can do a lot.

So, that has been my week. Tomorrow I go to Ruston for seminar class. I find out what I am doing for the Winter Quarter and I turn in the death of me AKA my Research Proposal. The Research Proposal will eventually [Key Word: EVENTUALLY] turn into a research trial which will then turn into a Thesis! Gahh…Friday will be the day it is turned in! I am so excited! Safe to say I will have a good weekend.

XOXO, Danae

P.S. I learned how to change my background, so now it is the more appropriate “Autumn” theme. At least I have a little taste of fall now.

9 Days Until Home!


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  1. Canada has socialized health care, accepts gay marriage, and a women’s right to choose. They also have higher taxes. And a lot of snow. Lots, and lots, and lots of snow. So before you move, just thought I’d warn you about our upstairs neighbors.

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