Fall Community Rotation Part 2 of 3: Completed!

This past week was probably the easiest week I will ever having in my dietetic internship. I split my time between Eat to Lose, a private practice, and Louisiana Surgery Center at P & S Surgery in Monroe, which is a bariatric center. Both of these places had really lenient hours. The longest day I worked was probably 4 hours. It was amazing! I learned things, but I still had time to work on my research proposal, which is due this coming Friday and another assignment for my childhood obesity class. It was wonderful. I loved both dietitians I worked with. I think opening up your own business would be a lot of work and it takes a lot of man power and devotion, but I think I would like to open my own practice. I love the ability to work with people one on one and really follow them to monitor their progress. You can’t do that in a hospital: they are in one day and out the next.

Tomorrow I start at the St. Francis Diabetes and Nutrition Center. They specialized in diabetes outpatient counseling, but also do some bariatric and weight loss counseling/education. I am there for two week and then its off to Chicago for some much needed R&R. I haven’t been home since end of June…starting to miss it!

In other news, this weekend was LA Tech’s Homecoming! My roommate Gwen and I made the drive to Ruston and went to our first football game where LA Tech vs. University of Texas San Antonio. It was awesome. We got in for free, sat on the 40 yard line about 12 rows up. It was sunny and hot for a good portion of the game, but thankfully we had some fans.

FYI: Ms. Louisiana Tech (a pageant on campus) was there at the game. She is the 2nd Ms. Louisiana Tech who has also been named Ms. Louisiana. Look for her at the Miss American pageant this coming January!

This game had everything: parachuters,  band geeks, smoke machines, a cameo from Terry Bradshaw, drunks, frat boys, Gangnam style and arguing football players. Also, we won! 51-27. LA Tech is now 8 and 1. According to my brother, we will most likely be in a bowl game. That would be cool! Below are a few pictures:

Parachuters game in from the sky!

Football players getting ready to run onto the field!

This guy (from the other team) had crazy Troy Polamalu hair

Game time!

On Sunday, I forgot about daylight savings time and woke up for church an hour earlier than I planned. And before I realized I was up an hour earlier, I got ready and everything. So, I just laid and went back to sleep.

Then, on my way to throw out the trash in the dumpster, I threw my car keys into the dumpster. Luckily, my neighbor was walking past me and she held me by the legs as I am hanging in the trash can reaching for my keys. It was a great way to be introduced to my new neighbors. I am an idiot.

Have a great week everyone!

XOXO, Danae

13 Days Until Home!


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