Here Comes Nae Nae Boo Boo

Last night I celebrated Halloween. Myself, my roommate Gwen and her boyfriend/fellow intern Nate went to a local gay bar in Monroe. (Both of Nate’s roommates work there, so this is how I ended up there).

Everyone was dressed up: there was a lesbian softball team, woody & buzz light year, three drag queen Victoria Secret Angels, just plain drag queens, Adam & Steve and a whole mixture of things. Gwen went as a peacock. Nate went as a cowboy. I advised him to stay with either Gwen or myself the whole time, or else people were going to think he was one of the guys from Broke-back Mountain. Who did I go as? If the title wasn’t good enough, here are a few clues.

Clue # 1

Clue # 2

Clue # 3

Got a guess?? If you guessed the most famous chicken nugget HONEY BOO BOO CHILD, you are correct!! You better redneckognize I had a good time..

Gang’s all here!


We had a blast dancing. Gwen and I both joined the costume contest. I was in the funny category and she was in the creative category. Sadly neither of us one. I got beat out by a nun and Gwen got beat out by some person I can not remember. If I was a dude dressed like honey boo boo, I probably would have won.

What are you going as for Halloween???

XOXO, Danae

20 days until home!


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