One with Nature

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was around 85 degrees, few clouds and  a nice breeze. Even though I was feeling a little less than my normal self (I am feeling  a little under the weather), I decided to get out and enjoy the day!

Monroe is really trying to become more cutesy and have a more “developed” downtown area. Today was the opening of the Monroe River Walk. It it on the Monroe side of the Ouachita river right in downtown. It really is pretty. Every Saturday from now until beginning of December, there will be this river walk where vendors can come and sell their stuff. On this Saturday  there was music, food trucks, food vendors, crafts, and adult and kid beverages.  It was nice being able to take pictures, people watch and sample some wines and ciders all the way down the River Walk.

After the river walk, I drove over the river to West Monroe and explored Restoration Park. It is an “urban wetland” that all serves as a basin for excess runoff and flood water. It used to be a place to mine sand and gravel until people used it to illegally dump trash. After the City of West Monroe bought it in 1989, the transformed it until what it is now. I wore the wrong shoes and I wish it was  a little crisper outside, but other than that it was really pretty. Below are some pictures.

Happy Sunday! Starting my rotation at WIC tomorrow! I am going to miss Glenwood, but excited for this new experience!

XOXO, Danae

34 days until home!


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