Friday Favorites

Get ready for it…..Second installment of “Friday Favorites

Favorite TV Show

Grey’s Anatomy

After 4 months without., my favorite medical/love drama is back on TV!! I am so happy to see all my good lookin’ doctors again…(SPOILER ALERT)  too bad one of them dies in episode one!

Favorite News Story

I read an article back in September that said Louisiana people have the second shortest lifespan, next to Mississippi. People in Hawaii live the longest. Guess where I am leaving and moving too…

Favorite Food

Candy Corn Pumpkins!! It is finally that time when I can indulge in candy corn like candies. Like pumpkins!! And I discovered I can get them at the dollar store, so its cheap!

Favorite Drink

Even though in Louisiana we do not really get a fall, I can at least pretend like its fall when the STARBUCKS PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE (I’m sensing a theme…) I love this drink. It’s not fall until the PSL comes out.


Favorite Happening

Last week, I got to watch a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube placement.


This is a feeding tube that goes directly into the stomach. It is a more permanent solution to long term feeding. I got to stand in the room while the doctor did it bedside, plus I got to watch it on camera. I got to see the inside of a man!! It was crazy and I surprisingly didn’t vomit or pass up. I did gag a little bit..(I’ll spare you the dets)

Favorite Product


I bought the season on the release date, but it is tempting me so much to open it. But I have hid it in my closet so I won’t open it. I have to wait until Thanksgiving break….

Favorite Song

This song has gotten a lot of press lately. I was weirded out by it first time I saw the video. But I love this song and it is one of my new car jams. Plus we danced to it in Zumba. It was fun watching all the older ladies do the GANGNAM STYLE.

Hope ya’ll had a great week! It’s the weekend.

Only one more week at Glenwood and then its off to my next rotation.

XOXO, Danae


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