A much needed update

So I may have forgotten I had a blog have been really busy getting stuff done. I have finished all my concept maps, completed two homework assignments for my graduate class, started work on my clinical case study and developed an educational material for the patients at Glenwood Hospital. Whew! It has been a crazy couple weeks since my birthday. The work doesn’t stop there however. I have the “wonderful” task of writing my review of literature for my research proposal. I am totally dreading it, but I know once I start diving in and writing, it will flow. Although 10 pages with 25 sources is a lot worry about. fingers crossed I get it done.

Also on the agenda is laundry, write a blog entry (checking one thing of my list as we speak. 1 point me) and work in the nursery at my church. It is my first time working at First Baptist. I am excited to get involved and play with little kiddos!!!

In internship news, I have been succeeding. I had my mid-point clinical evaluation with my preceptors and my DI director. Good News: I am still in the program!! I seem to be on the right track and have completed a good chunk of my competencies. My preceptor first gave my 6 of my own patients that I was in charge of. I assessed them, looked at their chart, talked with them, educated them (if needed) and followed up with them. It felt good. Today, I got three FLOORS! One of my preceptors told me that they only give people floors during their floor supervision. Safe to say I am well ahead of schedule.

Yesterday I got to see a PEG tube placement (a long-term feeding tube that feeds into the stomach). I have been trying to see one since I have started at Glenwood and I just happened to kind of stumble in on one. I was doing rounds in one of the ICUs and I saw a doctor and a few nurses setting up for a PEG tube placement. I went up and asked the nurse if I could watch and she was willing! They did the placement bedside. I got to not only watch it be done, but I got to watch the TV that showed the actual inside of this person’s gastrointestinal system. It was awesome to be able to see something be done that I have only learned about via textbook. I am surprised I didn’t vomit or pass out though. I was even MORE surprised that I was able to go downstairs and eat lunch immediately after watching the procedure. It is very sad that this individual had to get this procedure done, but I am thankful for the learning opportunity.

Something I have been thinking about over the past two weeks and maybe even challenged in a way, is that people in the hospital after some crazy stories and are in bad situations. There was a patient who was 14, pregnant and diagnosed with two STDS, a man who took one too many pills, individuals being put on hospice, deaths and people paralyzed my car accidents. People in the hospital are in some of the worst conditions they will ever be in. Some make the best of it and some are just plain grouchy. I have made it a challenge to pray for all the patients. I pray for them to get better and to know that even though some of them don’t have family come and visit them, that they are loved. It is tough working in a hospital, but I still feel called to be in this field.

XOXO, Danae

P.S. I know I owe you pics from my birthday weekend in NOLA. Soon…..I promise!


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