Shhh….Dietitians can eat fried chicken.

Hey Ya’ll…I haven’t forgotten about you…promise!

Things have been surprisingly busy for me.

If you guys have been following my blog/posts, you know I started clinicals last Thursday. I am mid-way through my first full work week and after sitting on my butt preparing for the past three weeks, it feels great to be active. I feel like I have finally started my dietetic internship instead of summer school and watching episodes of Paula’s Best Dishes.

My first day in the hospital was nerve-racking, just because it was my first day in a new environment. It was more of a hospital orientation. Friday though, I hit the ground running. I was following one of the dietitians. We went into patients rooms and asked how they had been eating, how their appetite was and made sure they were getting by okay.  I went on hospital rounds, which is where the head nurse, case manager, physical therapist, dietitian (obvi) and pharmacist go around to different floors and units and talk with the nurses about the patients. If they are on a tube feeding or parenteral feeding, it is a great time for us as dietitians to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Now, because if HIPAA (human privacy rules), I am not allowed to discuss patients, ESPECIALLY on the internet. So I can’t describe situations, but I can talk about how I handled situations and even particular things I did.

Starting this past Monday, I was given particular patients that I got to screen and assess, visit with and then eventually chart on. The most I have been given has been 3, which is a good number for someone just starting out.

Yesterday I did my first patient education. I educated the sweetest old lady on a gastroesophageal reflux disease diet. My preceptor scored me and I got a perfect 🙂

This is exciting: Also on Tuesday, I had to attend a local dietetic meeting (Northeast Louisiana Dietetic Association).

The topic: how to handle the critical obese patient in the hospital setting.

The location: Cotton Restaurant!!!

The head chef, Cory Bahr, was on the Food Network show “Chopped” and WON!!!

Head Chef Cory Bahr of Cotton (He ain’t bad on the eyes either)

Cotton specifalized in creative southern cusisine…and boy are they right. Catfish, Grits, red bean hummus and you drink out of freakin’ mason jars!! And the decor of this restaurant…BEAUTIFUL. I am not a southern girl by any means and my style isn’t really southern, but I loved the design of this restaurant. It really is awesome. And it is in this old building in “downtown” Monroe. It really fits in well.

I probably ordered the most southern dish on the menu (Side Note: I was the first person to try this dish. They released new dishes during lunch on the day we went and I was the first to order this dish)

  • Fried Chicken (People that know me are having  heart attack about now because I haven’t eaten fried chicken in years…but this was fried chicken done right).
  • Collard greens
  • Black eyes peas
  • All on top of a sweet potato waffle with a light honey drizzle!!

the picture doesn’t do it justice

I about died. It was so good.

So that was my quick update. My birthday is on Saturday and after a busy week, I am looking forward to letting my hair down and getting out of Monroe for a weekend (Going to NOLA)!!

Hope all is well you!

XOXO, Danae


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