How the LA police thought I was smuggling drugs

So I have no idea if this story is okay for me to put on the internet, but I am doing it. No names are used anyway.

This story will show you how sometimes my common sense flees my mind…

So I am driving from Ruston to Monroe on my way back from the LA Tech pool. Its about 7pm and I am by myself wearing a tank and shorts, my aviators and my leopard face hat (complete with ears). I am about 13 exits away from my exit and I see these flashing lights that say “Warning: There is a police trap coming up in a mile. Checking for narcotics. Drug dogs will be here. ” There are two of these signs.

Well, I got a little nervous because I may or may not have had a flask that had a little bit of rum in it. I didn’t want to cops or the drug dogs to smell it, so I got off at the exit before the supposed police trap to dump out what was left of my flask. Welp, easier said than done. There is a cop SUV in the median of the road. I just keep driving and I end up on this dead end road. The cop turns around and follows me and eventually puts on his lights. In my head, I just go “Crap Crap Crap“.

So the guy gets out (a nice and somewhat good-looking cop thank goodness) and walks to my window and starts talking to me. He sees my plates and notices that they are out of state.  He asks me for my ID. I give him my school ID (FAIL). I give him my drivers license then. He small talks with me. I tell him I am from Chicago and here for a dietetic internship through LA Tech. He asked me where I thought I was going and I said the worst possible answer: I am looking for a bathroom. Uggg! Then he explains to me this whole drug thing: they are looking for big loads of drugs. If I had something in my car and confessed, I would get a ticket, but if I denied it and they found it, worst could happen.

I am pretty sure he could tell 1 minute after talking to me that I would be the last person in the world that would have big loads of drugs, or any drugs for that matter. He still asked me if I had any and of course I said no. He says thanks for stopping and “You won’t find a bathroom down this road” and walks back to his car. I embarrassingly turn around and right before I get back onto the highway, i see 3 cops cars all just hanging out plus the guy that pulled me over following me. He probably wondered why I got back on the highway and not venture down the other way down the road to find a bathroom.

Then the rest of the way home, there was no more signs of a drug stop. I tried to avoid the trap and ended up driving right into it. At least I wasn’t speeding.

Lesson Learned: Alcohol is not a narcotic AND don’t do drugs…ever.

XOXO, Danae


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