Five’s a crowd

The past week has been a whirlwind of activities.

1) We finally got cable and internet at our apartment! However I spent the following three hours trying to set up the “wireless” internet (Mr. Comcast surprised me by telling me that our internet modem that we got was not wireless proof.) I hate technology.

2) No more than 24 hours after we got our cable installed, I broke the tv malfunctioned. After an hour talking to the Comcast people (AKA my bffs), a cable guy finally came to our apartment to fix the issue. Turns out our cable box was rusted on the inside and just pooped out. #notmyfault

3) My roommate Gwen’s family came to stay with us for a few days before they left on vacation. All five of us plus their little dog stayed in our three bedroom, furnitureless apartment. Safe to say it was close quarters, but it was an adventure. They left on Saturday and then it was me, myself and I.

4) I attempted to try out a new church (First United Methodist Church) on Sunday, however their website was wrong and I showed up for the service at the wrong time. However, just walking through the halls, I discovered that it was not my scene. I did not see anyone that was my age. Most people were either elderly individuals or families. I decided to go back to First Baptist West Monroe. I really do like it there and they have a lot of ways for me to get involved. I may have found my church for the next 10 months.

4) On Sunday evening, my grandparents from IL drove down to visit me as well as deliver my bed and other goodies from home. It was so wonderful seeing some friendly faces. They took me grocery shopping, clothes shopping as well as get furniture for my bedroom, like some drawers, hangers, mirrors, and etc. I also got to crash at their hotel. It was nice to sleep on a bed after eight days on the floor, even if they bed was a pull out couch.

Now that my grandparents have left to go visit my sister in Columbia, MO, I now have the rest of the week to relax, organize my room and start on my thesis review of literature go to Ruston and lay out by the pool. My roommate arrives back sometime Saturday, so I get my partner in crime back!

Ill get pictures up of my room once its completely organized.

XOXO, Danae


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