Officially an Monroe-ian!

Yesterday ended the “Three-Day” move-in from Ruston to Monroe, LA. In addition to finals, I was in the process of finalizing details on our new apartment. Then over the course of Thursday, Friday and Saturday I slowly moved all of my stuff into my new room. The apartment so far is really great. Since everyone has gone home for the three week break, it is just Gwen and I holding down the fort. We spent Saturday running errands around time, napping, and walking around our neighborhood getting a feel for it.

Internship wise, on Friday I got to meet a few of my preceptors that I will be working for the fall quarter. I started my morning at Glenwood Regional Medical Center. This is where I will be doing my clinical rotations come September.  The three dietitians that work there were super nice and seemed really relaxed. One of them just graduated from the Louisiana Tech internship last year. One thing that was interesting was that all the dietitians wore scrubs. I find this interesting because I have never heard of dietitians wearing scrubs. I thought only doctors and nurses wore scrubs. I guess down here, it is the norm for dietitians to wear scrubs. They said I have the option of wearing scrubs or business clothes. I think I am going business clothes route. I look cuter in those.

The second place I went to was St. Francis Diabetes and Nutrition Center, where they do one-on-one diabetes and weight loss counseling. The individuals that works there are two dietitians, two nurse practitioners and a nurse. The environment is really laid back and I can complete a lot of my competencies there. And because this center is located in a larger center with occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and more, there are opportunities for me to work with other practices. In addition to these places I get to work at WIC (Public Health), P&S Surgery (a bariatric surgery center) and work with a private practice dietitian based out of Monroe. I am getting excited for the fall.

Today is Sunday and Gwen and I went and tried out a church. We went to First Baptist West Monroe. I really enjoyed the service. We went to the contemporary service and it was very similar to the style of service we had at Olivet. The music was great and we sang a lot of songs, which I love (even though my voice sounds like a coyote going through a trash compactor). Then the guy who spoke was Doug Mazza, who used to be the CEO if Suzuki Auto and then Hyundai. He shared his testimony on how he came closer to GOD in a very tough circumstance and how he “gained power by surrendering control”. There was not a dry eye in the place. He has a son who is mentally disabled but it is so much more than that. Doug is now the president of Joni and Friends, which is a ministry that works with the disabled as well as gives wheelchairs to individuals who need them. It was a great sermon and I think First Baptist may be a church I can call home while I am in Louisiana. They have a lot of great groups for me to be apart of and maybe I can get involved with the nursery/children’s ministries!

First Baptist West Monroe. Told you it was huge.


Pictures of the apartment below. Ill get more pictures up when we get legit furniture and more settled.

xoxo, Danae

Our building


My Room

Living Room

Gwens and I’s bathroom


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