Falling into Place

Hey blog-o-sphere,

I have arrived in my last week of the summer session. After countless quizzes, homework assignments, study groups and trips to Counter Culture, I am almost done with three graduate classes. It is crazy to think that by this Friday, I will have 6 of my 15 graduate credits completed. These six weeks (five if you don’t could Diabetes Camp) have gone  by super fast and it is amazing that it has only been, well, six weeks. I feel like I have been in Louisiana for a while and going to class and eating at the cafeteria and studying just feels normal. I feel like I am back in undergrad, which is weird, although I do not feel like a graduate student to begin with.

Random note: I was in the cafeteria and was standing in line next to a football player and he said he was a freshman. in college. this guy was massive standing next to me. I felt like a shrimpy first year graduate student.

Back to current life: I have become such fast friends with my fellow interns and it feels like we have known each other longer than six weeks. I will be sad when everyone goes their separate ways for our 3 1/2 week hiatus as well as when we are all divided among our three cities.

I will be throwing myself into my studies for the next few days and making sure loose ends are all tied up before I move out of the dorm on Saturday and into my new apartment!!! Once I get pictures of our new intern pad, I’ll pop them up in a new blog post, but the cable/internet guy is not coming until Wednesday, so it may be a while, unless I go to Starbucks (which lets be honest, will happen).

So right now everything is working out. I just got to get through the next few days.




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