New Thing: Friday Favorites

So, I was reading a blog that I found through Pinterest (follow me @, and this individual does this thing called “Friday Favorites” where she would post things that, you guessed it…were her favorite things. So because I want to switch things up on my blog here, I thought I would do what some of my favorite things have been recently.

Favorite TV Show

This one was tough, but in the end, this show comes on top…

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. After watching the previews, I was very nervous about this show. But I sat down and watched it one night and I was somewhat surprised. This family just cracks me up. And I love the fact that the whole show is subtitled.

Favorite News Story

Hurricane Issac

I know hurricanes are really bad, but I really love the rain and storms, so I am excited for the project 2 or 3 days we will have of it. As of right now we have had about 1.31 inches of rainfall in the past 24 hours. It is probably the coldest it has been since I have arrived in LA –>75 degrees F

Favorite Food

My mom sent me a box of Greek Yogurt Bars from Costco that are scrumptious.

They aren’t cheap but with one part having 7 g of protein, 45 mg of sodium, 5 g of fiber and 160 calories per bar, they are a great and healthy snack. Plus they come in awesome flavors like Blueberry Acai and Cherry Almond!

Favorite Drink

My roommate and I are currently sipping on a Riesling Wine from Woodbridge Winery. Its very tasty, even if we do drink it out of normal cups.

Favorite Quote

“A dolla makes me holla” said by none other than Alana AKA Honey Boo Boo

(any broke college student can relate to this quote)

Favorite Free Time Activity

Moore Health & Fitness

I recently joined a health club with great amenities: all-inclusive exercise classes (Zumba, Spinning, Hot Yoga, Core work, etc), swimming pool, sauna, steam room, free tanning, weights, cardio equipment, smoothie shop and 6 free sessions with a personal training. I’ll be spending a lot of free time there!

Favorite Product

My teeth pillow

My mom sent this pillow down with my grandparents as a surprise for me. After being initially shocked and confused, I came to like this mouth pillow. It is very soft and cuddly, however when I roll over in the middle of the night at look at it, it startles me.

Favorite Song

This song is my favorite because I hate it! Every time I am in the car this song plays at least twice!!

I will say, it makes me want to sail down a river

Pontoon by Little Big Town

Comment below and let me know what some of your favorites have been lately!

XOXO, Danae


Five’s a crowd

The past week has been a whirlwind of activities.

1) We finally got cable and internet at our apartment! However I spent the following three hours trying to set up the “wireless” internet (Mr. Comcast surprised me by telling me that our internet modem that we got was not wireless proof.) I hate technology.

2) No more than 24 hours after we got our cable installed, I broke the tv malfunctioned. After an hour talking to the Comcast people (AKA my bffs), a cable guy finally came to our apartment to fix the issue. Turns out our cable box was rusted on the inside and just pooped out. #notmyfault

3) My roommate Gwen’s family came to stay with us for a few days before they left on vacation. All five of us plus their little dog stayed in our three bedroom, furnitureless apartment. Safe to say it was close quarters, but it was an adventure. They left on Saturday and then it was me, myself and I.

4) I attempted to try out a new church (First United Methodist Church) on Sunday, however their website was wrong and I showed up for the service at the wrong time. However, just walking through the halls, I discovered that it was not my scene. I did not see anyone that was my age. Most people were either elderly individuals or families. I decided to go back to First Baptist West Monroe. I really do like it there and they have a lot of ways for me to get involved. I may have found my church for the next 10 months.

4) On Sunday evening, my grandparents from IL drove down to visit me as well as deliver my bed and other goodies from home. It was so wonderful seeing some friendly faces. They took me grocery shopping, clothes shopping as well as get furniture for my bedroom, like some drawers, hangers, mirrors, and etc. I also got to crash at their hotel. It was nice to sleep on a bed after eight days on the floor, even if they bed was a pull out couch.

Now that my grandparents have left to go visit my sister in Columbia, MO, I now have the rest of the week to relax, organize my room and start on my thesis review of literature go to Ruston and lay out by the pool. My roommate arrives back sometime Saturday, so I get my partner in crime back!

Ill get pictures up of my room once its completely organized.

XOXO, Danae

Officially an Monroe-ian!

Yesterday ended the “Three-Day” move-in from Ruston to Monroe, LA. In addition to finals, I was in the process of finalizing details on our new apartment. Then over the course of Thursday, Friday and Saturday I slowly moved all of my stuff into my new room. The apartment so far is really great. Since everyone has gone home for the three week break, it is just Gwen and I holding down the fort. We spent Saturday running errands around time, napping, and walking around our neighborhood getting a feel for it.

Internship wise, on Friday I got to meet a few of my preceptors that I will be working for the fall quarter. I started my morning at Glenwood Regional Medical Center. This is where I will be doing my clinical rotations come September.  The three dietitians that work there were super nice and seemed really relaxed. One of them just graduated from the Louisiana Tech internship last year. One thing that was interesting was that all the dietitians wore scrubs. I find this interesting because I have never heard of dietitians wearing scrubs. I thought only doctors and nurses wore scrubs. I guess down here, it is the norm for dietitians to wear scrubs. They said I have the option of wearing scrubs or business clothes. I think I am going business clothes route. I look cuter in those.

The second place I went to was St. Francis Diabetes and Nutrition Center, where they do one-on-one diabetes and weight loss counseling. The individuals that works there are two dietitians, two nurse practitioners and a nurse. The environment is really laid back and I can complete a lot of my competencies there. And because this center is located in a larger center with occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and more, there are opportunities for me to work with other practices. In addition to these places I get to work at WIC (Public Health), P&S Surgery (a bariatric surgery center) and work with a private practice dietitian based out of Monroe. I am getting excited for the fall.

Today is Sunday and Gwen and I went and tried out a church. We went to First Baptist West Monroe. I really enjoyed the service. We went to the contemporary service and it was very similar to the style of service we had at Olivet. The music was great and we sang a lot of songs, which I love (even though my voice sounds like a coyote going through a trash compactor). Then the guy who spoke was Doug Mazza, who used to be the CEO if Suzuki Auto and then Hyundai. He shared his testimony on how he came closer to GOD in a very tough circumstance and how he “gained power by surrendering control”. There was not a dry eye in the place. He has a son who is mentally disabled but it is so much more than that. Doug is now the president of Joni and Friends, which is a ministry that works with the disabled as well as gives wheelchairs to individuals who need them. It was a great sermon and I think First Baptist may be a church I can call home while I am in Louisiana. They have a lot of great groups for me to be apart of and maybe I can get involved with the nursery/children’s ministries!

First Baptist West Monroe. Told you it was huge.


Pictures of the apartment below. Ill get more pictures up when we get legit furniture and more settled.

xoxo, Danae

Our building


My Room

Living Room

Gwens and I’s bathroom

Falling into Place

Hey blog-o-sphere,

I have arrived in my last week of the summer session. After countless quizzes, homework assignments, study groups and trips to Counter Culture, I am almost done with three graduate classes. It is crazy to think that by this Friday, I will have 6 of my 15 graduate credits completed. These six weeks (five if you don’t could Diabetes Camp) have gone  by super fast and it is amazing that it has only been, well, six weeks. I feel like I have been in Louisiana for a while and going to class and eating at the cafeteria and studying just feels normal. I feel like I am back in undergrad, which is weird, although I do not feel like a graduate student to begin with.

Random note: I was in the cafeteria and was standing in line next to a football player and he said he was a freshman. in college. this guy was massive standing next to me. I felt like a shrimpy first year graduate student.

Back to current life: I have become such fast friends with my fellow interns and it feels like we have known each other longer than six weeks. I will be sad when everyone goes their separate ways for our 3 1/2 week hiatus as well as when we are all divided among our three cities.

I will be throwing myself into my studies for the next few days and making sure loose ends are all tied up before I move out of the dorm on Saturday and into my new apartment!!! Once I get pictures of our new intern pad, I’ll pop them up in a new blog post, but the cable/internet guy is not coming until Wednesday, so it may be a while, unless I go to Starbucks (which lets be honest, will happen).

So right now everything is working out. I just got to get through the next few days.



Let’s do the Fork in the Garbage Disposal!

Oh, the lord is good to me.

And so I thank the lord.

For giving me the things I need.

The sun, and the rain, and the insulin.

The lord is good to me.

Amen! Amen!

Sorry I haven’t written in a few days. I was at diabetes camp in Leesville, LA for eight days and then hit the ground running the minute we got back. I am finally taking a homework break to write a little bit about my experience at diabetes camp, what I did and what I learned. I will try not to make it boring. Short, sweet and to the point.

This diabetes camp is composed of two one-week session. The first week is the younger children. They are anywhere between the ages of 7 and 11. The first set of interns from my program worked during that week. Myself and eight other interns went the second week, which is the 11-14 year olds. This camp is sponsored by the American Diabetes Association in partnership with the Lions of Louisiana. This camp is at no charger to the campers and their families. All they need is to get a Lions member to sponsor them, and a sponsorship is 15 dollars. Lots of these kids don’t get the kind of one-on-one attention that they need. Some kids have been newly diagnosed and need help understanding carbohydrate counting, insulin and the importance of the balance of carbs throughout the day.

There were dietetic interns from LA Tech, University of Louisiana at Lafayette and North Oaks Health System. We also had the pleasure of working with nursing students and pharmacy students. We were all assigned to a patrol to work with. A fellow intern, Kara, and I were on the G4 patrol. We had the younger of the girls (12 & 13 years old). We were supposed to have seven girls in our group, but only ended up with four wonderful girls, Bre’Naysia, Teliyah, Daijah and Lauren (which one of these is not like the other…) and two counselors, Kaitlyn and Faith.

Our main job at the camp was to develop a “meal plan” for the campers. It basically was how many carbs they could have at each meal. During meals, we had to educate the girls on carbohydrate counting, although our girls all knew how to do it, as well as keep track of how many carbs they ate at each meal. At first we tried to keep them at the carbohydrate level they followed at home, but we soon eased up on them, because they are so active at camp, extra carbs do not hurt. In addition to helping at meal, we also all were in charge of snacks and 2 am rounds for one day. We had Monday, so it was nice to get it done early in the week. Snacks were three times a day: after breakfast, after lunch and bedtime. During 2 am rounds, we went with the nurse and pharmacist and checked blood sugars. If they were low, the dietitians (US!) were in charge of giving them the correct amount of carbohydrates and make sure they eat it all. We then would have to get their blood sugar 15 minutes later. That next morning after rounds was rough. I drank lots of coffee!

While we weren’t at meals, we had time to hang. We visited with our kids, stuck our feet in the pool, did homework, and went into town (and by town, I mean Wal-Mart). After dinner, there was always a night activity. There was a carnival night, swim time, the Great Escape (basically a huge scavenger hunt), the big dance and a campfire.

I will say I have a huge respect for the counselors that do this camp. The six weeks before diabetes camp even starts, they help with the special needs/handicapped camp. By the time our week was over, they were finished their eight week of campcounseloring which is incredible. During the week, we sang a lot of song. Really. A crap ton of songs. I loved how involved all the counselors were. Even though they were probably ready to go home and see loved ones and such, they were still on all the time. They really showed the joy they had for this camp. I was exhausted by day four, and to think they have been doing this for 2 months. It is incredible.

So that was diabetes camp. I learned so much more about diabetes and realized that I truly love it. I plan on getting my CDE (certified diabetes educator) after I get my RD. Maybe I’ll come back and do diabetes next year as a true dietitian, although I am going to try it in Chicago next time.

Only a week and a half left of classes, then its summer break until September. Getting excited to move into my new apartment next week!

XOXO, Danae

Daijah called me “Miss Danae Dietitian” Felt so right!

Week Two Crew! Front Row (L-R): Nathan, Gwen, Chelsey, Carly, Jenny
Back Row (L-R): Kara, Derrick, Rhiannon, Me!

G4 Patrol in all its glory!

Note that the G4 patrol wrote. They gave it to us on our very last day. So sweet!!