Weekend (and more) recap!

So, this past weekend was my first real weekend in Ruston. Just me and the other interns. Well, half of us anyways. Between this week and next week, all 19 of us will have gone to Diabetes Camp in Leesville, LA. Half of the others left this past Saturday and the other half of us leave this coming Saturday. Among those that left on Saturday was my roommate Katelyn and our neighbors Grey and Kelly. So, needless to say, Aswell Third Floor has been pretty quiet. Derek, Gwen and I are holding down the fort here on campus.

Friday night was pretty low key. Gwen and I were good students. We worked on some homework after class then treated ourselves to sun time by the pool. That is, until it rained on our parade. After the pool, Derek, Gwen and I drove to get LA’s famous Drive Thru Daiquiris. We also tried to save a dog that was on the side of the highway, but he just ran right back home. Since Katelyn was probably already in bed, we just went back to Derek’s dorm room to hang out. People who also joined the party was Derek’s two engineering roommates and a girl Catherine, who is friends with one of the roommates. (Think Penny to a Sheldon, Leonard and Howard). So we were chilling, chatting and watching youtube videos (watch “Share it Maybe“). Then in Olivet fashion, were were kicked out at midnight.

Saturday we also spent doing homework as well as some stress relieving exercising. The real fun happened later that night. It started of with Gwen, my roommate, and I singing karoke in our room to Mac Miller, who is a white, really fast rapper. Then Nathan (a fellow intern native to LA), and his friend James (who I call Twix) picked Derek, Gwen and I up for a night out in Ruston. We first went to the Dawg House, which is your typical college bar. We played darts, listened to 90s music and chatted up some of the locals. After about 2 hours there, we moved to this other bar/dance club just outside of Ruston. No idea what the name of it was, but the outside of it reminded me of a barn or shed. We get and find out drinks are buy 1 get 3 free…well played Ruston. We hung out and walked around a little bit. Then, I decided to get to know a few locals. The first guy was a local and was dancing by himself. I felt bad so I decided to go up and dance next to him. We danced like a couple of idiots for about 20 minutes. Then M.J’s “Billie Jean” came on and that guy danced himself into a coma. He was in the zone. The next guy I harassed danced with was a guy who I thought was a blind, mentally retarded man. (Turns out he was neither). He was by himself with a green light saber and I thought it looked like he needed a battle partner. So I just went up to him and started fighting him with my arm. That lasted about 10 minutes.

For some reason my friends think I am weird.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out and dancing. Sunday was used to recuperate.

Monday I gave my first presentation. I talked about BMI. Being at Olivet really helped my with my presentation skills. Giving a 10 minute presentation was no sweat, and I could tell I was more prepared then other. I also decided on a topic to do my practice research proposal on! PROGRESS!

Tonight is Tuesday. I was supposed to pick up Kara, a fellow intern, from the Monroe Airport at 4:45pm. (Her fiancee’s father was in critical condition and then sadly passed away). She has a connecting flight in Atlanta but Atlanta is having awful weather, so she has been delayed for a long time. Right now she is supposed to get into LA at 9:54pm. It is going to be a late night, but anything for a friend 🙂

XOXO, Danae


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