Thesis or Non-Thesis? That is the question.

So, after two full days of graduate school, I am pretty much really smart. Really.

Totally joking. But seriously I am.

Currently for this summer quarter, I am taking three graduate course: Methodology in Human Ecology Research, Applied Dietetics and an internship class, which basically prepares me for the actual rotation where I am out in the field.

So far the classes that I am taking sound really interesting and what I love about it is that I am strictly taking dietetic related classes. None of these dumb “Intro to Fine Arts” classes. We can just get down to business. No more dumb crap fluffy stuff.

But the question that is boggling my head right now is, when I complete my masters, am I going to go the thesis route or the non-thesis route?? For a while I was like “Heck no!!! There is no way I am writing a book! That is too much work” But our professor brought out like 15 examples of theses that are hardback covered and in the library. I was flipping through them and it actually made me feel a lot better about the possibility of writing a thesis paper. And the best part is that I have from now until May of 2018 to get my master’s done!!! Jack Pot! So, by the end of the fall quarter (November) I will have my whole research proposal written, which according to my professor, is the first three chapters of my thesis book!!! So maybe I just answered my own question. Time will tell though….

In other Louisiana news:

  1. It has thunder-stormed three days in a row!
  2. The hours of the food places to eat blow.
  3. My roommate and I went out for dinner of the weekend. Louisiana is not the best at Italian cuisine.
  4. Myself, my roommate Katelyn and fellow interns Grey and Kelly went to Aqua-Zumba this morning. (It is exactly how it sounds)

Dramatization of my friends and I doing Aqua Zumba.

So, that’s what is going on right now. Ill blog in a few days!

XOXO, Danae


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